Oldham Library

SHS Roofing recently undertook an ambitious project in Oldham, targeting the city’s old library. This was a multi-faceted assignment that called for full roof replacement and included several technical aspects.

New code 5/6 lead was expertly installed, as part of our dedication to using top-quality materials. In addition to this, a new warm roof build-up was implemented, featuring plain tiles that not only serve a functional role but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the historic building.

To complete this robust renovation, we also incorporated a new bitumen felt warm roof system. Our team of experienced professionals excelled in executing each facet of the project, conforming to strict industry standards and timelines.

The successful completion of this complex task serves as a testament to SHS Roofing’s skill in tackling challenging projects and our commitment to delivering excellence across a diverse range of structures.



Roof Type

Leadwork & bitumen felt

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